Create, sell and organize travel in one tool

for travel professionals

All you need in one tool

Itinerary builder

  • save time with reusable content
  • get inspired & collaborate with colleagues
  • generate content automatically

Management software

  • follow-up on your customers
  • analyze your reports
  • coming soon manage your business with our ERP system

Travel app

  • Sell more & convince easier
  • Share interactive proposals
  • Enhance the travel experience

More revenue less hassle

Lato is developed by professionals for professionals. With Lato you create, sell and organize travel in one tool. Your clients experience the entire customer journey within their own personalized travel app.

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Join Lato and benefit from:


happier: more satisfied and relaxed customers


sales: higher conversion rates


faster: create travel proposals much faster

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You're in good company

Once all accommodations, excursions, photos and videos are in the library, you save an enormous amount of time when preparing travel offers.



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