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  • Co-working travel professionals
  • Digital proposals
  • Libary samples & elements
  • Documents & vouchers
  • Last-minute changes
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  • Quickly build proposals
  • Confirm proposals
  • Group trips
  • Sell 24/7
  • Relax your customer 24/7
  • Better travel experience
  • Customer loyalty
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Indira Singh

We have been using Lato in the office for several months now and save a lot of time thanks to this tool. I am especially a fan of the option to duplicate trips, the direct connection with Unsplash to upload high-quality photos and the contemporary layout that allows us to provide great travel proposals to our travelers. Top!


Nathalie Nowak

This is a handy, quick tool to create great quotes. The feedback from our customers is also positive. What else do you want!


Reizen Meyers

great system. Very easy to use, free updates every week that make it increasingly easier.

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Our goal is to simplify the proces of travel business. 100% paperless, digital and mobile friendly for your convenience.
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