Make your work life easier

Organize your travel business in one place to get back to doing the work you love.

Itinerary builder

  • save time with reusable content
  • get inspired & collaborate with colleagues
  • generate content automatically

Management software

  • follow-up on your customers
  • analyze your reports
  • coming soon manage your business with our ERP system

Travel app

  • Sell more & convince easier
  • Share interactive proposals
  • Enhance the travel experience

Digitize your travel business

All you need in one tool

  • Work up to 2x faster with Lato and invest more time in customer happiness
  • Use the travel app as a fully digital proposal tool and watch as your conversion rates skyrocket
  • Manage your entire business within one platform to decrease costs and increase efficiency

Try Lato for free

Get free access to the Lato travel management software. If you prefer to get some explanation first, contact us by email.

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