Quickly build proposals

Use trips, samples and elements from the library

You can find trips, samples and elements in the library built by yourself or by your colleagues local agents, DMCs and tour operators. Reuse (and/or fine-tune/personalize if you wish) your own quotes as well as those of your suppliers, so they can reach your clients faster. In this way, you can anticipate with a quote in a minimum of time, even while you are on the phone with your customers.


Confirm proposals

Confirm a trip with just 1 click

Upon receiving the proposal through a traveller link, customers can with just 1 click on the button confirm their trip via desktop, smartphone and tablet.


Group trips

Configure that multiple travelers can confirm the same proposal

Lato allows multiple travelers to confirm the same proposal; useful for group trips or holidays with different families or friends.


Sell 24/7

Sell during after hours

Travel proposals created in Lato can easily be linked to your website. Furthermore, every customer can consult all extra travel information 24/7 thanks to a traveler link.


Relax your customer 24/7

Relax yourself and your customers before, during and after the journey.

Thanks to the digital Lato travel app, you really have all the tools at your disposal to relieve yourself and your clients during the entire sales process, shortly before departure as well as during and after the trip.


Better travel experience

Let your customer enjoy a digital travel guide

Let your customer enjoy a personalized travel guide with a detailed itinerary, extra information about accommodations, transfers, POI's, tips & tricks and documents (such as vouchers, insurances,...).


Customer loyalty

Expect enthusiastic customers

Let your customers try this innovative travel app and they are sold forever. Good things are going to happen...


Try Lato for free

Get free access to the Lato travel management software. If you prefer to get some explanation first, contact us by email.

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