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B2C: for travel professionals selling directly to travelers


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B2C & B2B: for travel professionals that are also selling to other travel professionals

Itinerary Builder
Create trips
  • drag and drop system
  • unlimited copy/duplicate
  • ChatGPT: automatic content
  • add customer details, flight details, accommodations, excursions, daily summaries, itineraries, POIs, photos, documents, ...
Co-working with colleagues
  • modify, reuse and share travel proposals
  • automatically translate proposals with Deepl
Co-working with other travel companies
  • copy, modify, share and reuse travel proposals
  • automatically translate proposals with Deepl
Lato Library
  • own hotel database
  • Unsplash photo library
  • own photo database
  • own excursions database
  • own POI library
Reuse elements
  • reuse existing trips, accommodations, excursions and POIs from your own library or your suppliers'
  • quickly adjust trip dates and itinerary
Mobile app
  • webapp
  • use without download
  • offline mode
  • push notifications
Travel App
Confirm quotes
  • automatic email confirmations
  • confirm trips with 1 press of a button
B2B selling
  • sell to other travel professionals
Online link sharing
  • sell 24/7
  • share trips with customers via URL
  • share URL via social media
Digital travel app
  • personalized travel guide
  • detailed map with itineraries
  • trip countdown - chat function 
  • points of interest on the map 
  • travel documents at your fingertips (vouchers, insurance, tips & tricks,...)
  • share sample trips in the Lato library
  • sell to other travel professionals
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions + answers)
  • product training
  • support (by phone + via email)

You're in good company

Once all accommodations, excursions, photos and videos are in the library, you save an enormous amount of time when preparing travel offers.



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