Co-working travel professionals

Selling trips has never been easier.

Collaborate with other travel professionals in 1 digital platform. You can share, change, reuse, and adapt proposals, which ensures an extremely smooth communication and information flow between local agent/DMC - tour operator - travel agent. This means less stress for all parties and faster service for the customer.


Digital proposals

Share digital proposals through a simple professional link.

Share/sell your trips with/to other travel organizations through a professional link. The proposal opens very quickly with only one click and can be either copied, translated, or modified before sending it to the customer.


Library samples & elements

Display your travel brochure digitally in the library samples.

Make your sample trips and building blocks available to your fellow travel professionals. This simplifies their work in preparing proposals and certainly motivates them to sell your trips.


Documents & vouchers

Make all documents and vouchers digital.

Link all necessary documents and vouchers directly to the confirmed trip instead of forwarding them first to your fellow travel professional and then to the customer.


Last-minute changes

Quick communication

Any change can be communicated to the travel professionals through the tool 24/7. Even the customer receives any change immediately.


Try Lato for free

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