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See why Lato excels over Axus with its advanced AI tools and powerful itinerary builder, perfect for travel professionals seeking an outstanding travel management tool

Trip Planning & Management
Web app
  • Lato has chosen to work exclusively with a web app. This way, travel professionals can easily share travel proposals with travelers by simply forwarding the link. This also allows you, as a travel professional, to share the trip on your website or on social media. Moreover, your customers won’t feel compelled to download an app from the App Store.
Travel app
  • Lato offers an engaging and interactive travel app. This travel app can be used at different times: from the proposal phase to the booking and travel phase. In addition to an attractive travel app, Lato also offers an itinerary builder and management software, making the tool a true end-to-end solution.
Itinerary builder
  • Through Lato, you create beautiful travel proposals via the itinerary builder. Add transportation, accommodations and activities per day. Make sure travelers have all the necessary information available through the documents and make the travel proposal more attractive by adding fun photos and videos. In addition to the itinerary builder, Lato has also a travel app and management software, allowing you to organize your entire travel business in just one tool.
Sharing travel proposals
  • Share your travel proposal with other travel professionals or travelers by simply forwarding the link. Would you like to share the trip on your website or social media? That’s also possible!
Real-time flights
  • Easily add flights to your travel proposal by entering the flight number and departure date. Through the Amadeus database, the flight will then be added automatically. In addition, you also have the option to enter a PNR number to add the flight. Flight changes are always made automatically.
  • In Lato, you can add documents ranging from travel vouchers to music, e-books, podcasts, video’s and so much more. In this way, you can make the travel proposal even more appealing and, in the meantime, also prepare the traveler for the trip. In addition, Lato has also standard documents. By uploading these, they will automatically be added to the appropriate trip.
Interactive travel itineraries on map
  • Lato provides interactive travel routes on the map. Easily consult the distance between two different places and how long it takes you to get from point A to B. In addition, it also indicates whether the traveler goes by plane, car, boat, train … travels. Moreover, interesting POIs also appear on the traveler’s map when the traveler is in the neighborhood.
  • Easily save in Lato all your accommodations, excursions, text fields, photos and videos. This allows you to create a new travel proposal in no time. Based on location, Lato suggests you saved accommodations and activities.
Collaboration with other travel professionals (B2B)
  • The professional link allows you to share the travel proposal with other travel professionals. They will then receive one-time access to Lato’s backend. This allows them to view the trip, make any adjustments (subject to your permission) and finally forward it to the end client. A convenient way to sell your trips B2B as well.
Multiple travel brands
  • Lato allows you to add up to 3 different brands in the tool. Moreover, you can also choose two colors per brand to customize the tool. When forwarding the travel quote, then choose which brand you want to forward it under.
  • Store your customers’ contact information in Lato’s CRM. Yet another feature that contributes to Lato’s end-to-end solution. Through this feature, you can add travelers to a travel proposal in a single click.
Destination content*
  • Through destination content, you automatically get great tips about the destinations entered. And that’s not all: you also get fun photos via our database of Unsplash. Destination content is another feature to quickly create a travel proposal.
Photos and videos
  • Lato is really focused on the visual aspect of the travel app. We believe that photos and videos capture the imagination even more and are the deciding factor for your traveler to book the trip. Through our Unsplash and Pexels databases, you can add fun photos and videos, based on location. There is also the possibility to upload your own images or implement your already saved photos and videos.
Language & Communication
Language options & translations (DeepL)
  • In Lato you can format your travel proposal in several languages. Would you like the travel proposal in another language afterwards? No problem! Have it easily translated via DeepL. In just a few seconds you have the translation of your entire travel proposal.
  • Communicate instantly with your travelers through the implemented chat function in Lato. Want to update travelers on important information or just ask how things are going on their holiday? Then easily send a message. No more need for an email address or phone number!
Automation & Efficiency
AI tools
  • Lato is constantly evolving with the latest technologies, also in the field of AI. Don’t have much time to work out nice descriptions of your accommodations or activities? Or do you lack inspiration? Ask AI to generate or improve a nice text for you. Moreover, AI also always takes care of the right framing of photos and videos. No more cutting and pasting photos.
TTS (Text-to-Speech)*
  • As a traveler, don't you have much time to read your entire travel proposal? Or do you enjoy listening to explanations? Then Lato has the ideal feature. Through TTS, you can listen to the travel proposal (just like a podcast). Put it on in your car on your way to work or in the kitchen while you’re cooking dinner and discover in the meantime what you’re going to do on your trip.
PDF import
  • Want to be able to create a travel proposal even faster? With this revolutionary feature, you’ll have a ready-made proposal in just 45 seconds! Import a document-based travel proposal into Lato and let AI convert it into an attractive travel app. In addition, the PDF import is unique; no one else in the world has a similar feature!
Financial & Booking Tools
  • When you compare Lato’s subscriptions with its competitors, you quickly notice that Lato is an inexpensive tool, especially when you consider all that Lato offers compared to its competitors.
Booking engine*
  • In Lato, you can book your hotels directly through the integrated bed banks. When choosing the desired hotel, you will automatically get a nice description, photos and contact information. If the customer confirms, you can then book the hotel directly via Lato.
Payment solutions*
  • In Lato’s end-to-end solution, payment solutions should certainly not be missing. Send out payment invitations to your customer and let them pay the total amount directly via the tool.
Calculation tool*
  • Easily calculate the total price of your trip with our calculation tool. Lato will automatically compile the price itself using the information entered by you.
Legal Compliance & Documentation
Terms & conditions
  • Another nice feature that sets Lato apart from many competitors; insert your own terms and conditions. The traveler will have to read and confirm those before booking the trip. This ensures that in case of cancellation or other problems there can be no discussion.
Mapping & Location-based Features
Choosing your own map
  • Did you know that in Lato you have a choice of 4 different maps? In settings, you can choose which map you prefer: Google Maps, Open Street Map, MapBox or TomTom. Why choose between different maps? Because some maps show certain destinations better than others.
  • Add fun suggestions through the POI option. Know a nice restaurant, bar or viewpoint? Enter it as a tip for your travelers. The POIs will automatically appear on the map in the travel app when travelers are nearby.

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