Build proposals

Quickly and easily build attractive proposals

Create qualitative travel proposals with Lato. Our innovative tool provides all the necessary fields for a complete quotation: customer data, flights, accommodations, excursions, day overviews, itineraries, prices, vouchers, … By completing our well-organized travel proposal template step by step, nothing can be overlooked.


Duplicate trips

Duplicate and reuse proposals.

Trips can be duplicated to create new proposals. This way you can easily reuse and refine travel proposals drawn up by yourself or your suppliers. Adjust the travel program in no time, and reuse the same flight details, documents, price details, … as you like.


Library elements

Reuse elements from different trips

You can easily save parts of trips such as excursions, accommodations or transfers. Fill your own personal library with reusable descriptions and fitting images. This way you can quickly consult, adjust and refine elements created by yourself or your suppliers.


Translate with DeepL

Convert travel proposals into different languages in just one click

With the integrated DeepL Translate Tool travel proposals can be formatted, saved and forwarded in several languages at the touch of a button.


AI-generated content with ChatGPT

Let ChatGPT prepare a proposal for you in seconds

Thanks to OpenAI integration, writing out a travel proposal becomes child's play. With ChatGPT, you generate a concise description of an accommodation and an accurate daily itinerary in seconds


Realtime flights

A GDS provides a real-time connection

Thanks to our connection with a GDS, we can provide real-time flight information. Flights can be selected, imported and updated based on the flight number and date of travel.


Add documents

Add documents and URLs in an organized way

Lato provides the possibility to organize documents such as vouchers, insurance policies, tips & tricks, destination information,… in the travel app. You can also add URLs from different websites to inform your customers even better.


Library POI's

Create your own database filled with Points of Interest

Enter different Points of Interest for your travel destinations and build your own POI database with personal tips and recommendations. Based on the location determination, POI’s will automatically appear on your customers’ map in the travel app.


Google Maps

Build interactive itineraries

Thanks to the integration of Google Maps, you can easily and quickly build interactive itineraries. The locations of excursions, accommodations and points of interest will be displayed on the map as well.


Photo and video

Pimp your proposals with amazing photos and videos

Pimp your customer’s proposals with amazing photos and videos. The integration of the high-quality Unsplash and Pexels databases offers many possibilities on top of your own travel picture library. Additionally, the smart photo tool automatically takes care of the correct, most suitable frame of each photo.


Cloud solution

Save all your data in the Cloud

Lato makes sure that all your data are well sorted and stored in the Cloud.


Co-working with travel professionals

Work together with colleagues in one platform

With Lato all travel professionals can work together in one digital platform. You can share proposals with colleagues and partners anywhere in the world, and then change, reuse, and adapt everything to your preferences.


Travel itinerary template

Work with sample trips from your own company or your suppliers

In Lato you can easily work with travel itinerary templates or samples of programs created by yourself or your suppliers. Consult, adjust and refine the itinerary order, travel dates, excursions, accommodations, and more in no time.


Trip reader

Let AI read files and automatically create a journey

Import a file into Lato (PDF, txt or Word) and have AI automatically create a travel proposal in seconds. AI will also immediately select the appropriate photos for each accommodation, excursion or place in the travel quote. All that's left for you to do is check the quote and send it to the traveler.


coming soon Booking engine

Book the whole trip within Lato

Price your proposal efficiently with always up-to-date accommodation prices coming from a synchronized booking system. As soon as a proposal gets confirmed, you can easily book all the proposed excursions and accommodations directly in Lato.


coming soon Calculation tool

Real-time and automated pricing

Prices for accommodations, excursions, transport and other travel elements can be introduced manually or automatically retrieved from the booking engine to calculate the overall pricing for a travel proposal using the designated tool in Lato.


No more making quotes in a Word file

Create attractive proposals

  • Timesaving - No more starting from scratch: work up to 2 times faster. Duplicate trips, reuse elements and get help from Lato’s many AI integrations to generate fitting descriptions, eye-catching images or videos and flawless translations.
  • Paperless and effortless - Bundle all your companies and your suppliers travel data in one library with trips, accommodations, excursions and points of interest. A great place to get inspired and an even better way to save time reusing elements.
  • Co-working - Forward travel proposals to your fellow travel professional to collaborate in our efficient quotation tool.

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