CRM system

Follow-up on your clients

Manage your contacts in Lato and follow-up on your travel proposals. Track a client’s customer journey and optimize your points of contact to sell more efficiently.


Statistics and analytics

Analyze your reports

Take a look at your statistics and analyze your business results. What is your conversion rate? How many proposals have been booked within the last month? Your reports will tell you everything you need to know. Draw your lessons from it and improve your future sales strategies.


coming soon ERP system

Organize your entire travel business within 1 tool

Manage your entire travel business within Lato’s ERP: automate your customer follow-up, organize your finances, track your analytics and much more. Managing all these processes in one single interface increases collaboration, efficiency and productivity within your business.


coming soon Inventory management

Get a quick overview of the number of free places or rooms

Keep track of how many rooms, places for upcoming group trips,… you have left to propose and sell to your clients.


coming soon Payment invitation

Send travel contracts to your customers

After trip confirmation, send payment invitations to your customers. These can specify when an advance or full payment is due and by what date. So in this way, you enter into a travel contract with your customer.


Run your travel business seamlessly

All in one tool

  • One interface - Get all your work done within one single platform: Lato.
  • Business organization - Manage your entire business within one platform; automate your customer follow-up, organize your finances, track your analytics and much more.
  • Process automation - Get the work done up to two times faster with Lato: from creating digital travel proposals, to booking the entire trip and following-up on your customers.

Try Lato for free

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