3 travel trends for 2023

Jan 11, 2023


2023 is being announced as the year we will travel without restrictions again. The travel industry is back to full speed after 3 years, but not without drastic changes, as a new generation of customers has meanwhile appeared on the scene. Born between the 1980s and 2000s, they grew up with the Internet and telephony and are called the "digital natives": welcome millennials. For these new decision makers, the latest technology is a crucial part of the customer experience. They travel differently and have higher expectations than previous generations. Hold on tight, because these millennials will revolutionize the travel industry in the coming years... Those who want to survive have no choice but to evolve with them. Let's start with some key trends for 2023:


Anyone who wants to keep their customers actively involved must evolve with them. This "always-on" generation communicates and experiences travel differently. They are inspired daily via social media (Instagram and TikTok, for example), and so they also look for travel expertise from friends and/or influencers. Therefore, are travel agencies a thing from the past? Not if you know how to present yourself attractively on social media... So get to work!


This new generation of travelers is not only digitally inclined, but also expects nothing less. Everything digital is the norm and ease of use is their first priority. With the push of a button, they want to search for trips, discuss them with a travel agent, book, pay safely and easily... from their smartphone, of course. Sounds unrealistic? Lato is a tool for travel professionals that makes this possible.


You've already noticed: providing an excellent and innovative customer experience is becoming more important than ever. On average, millennials already travel more than 4 times a year in search of authentic experiences. In this regard, the "live like a local" aspect is an essential part of their travel experience. After all, they grew up with Youtube vlogs and blogs and already got to know a lot of different countries, cultures and customs through those means. Therefore, personalize the travel experience as much as possible. Give them a clear reason to stay loyal to you. How about a personalized travel app where they experience the trip?

Millennials already make up a large part of our customers today, and more importantly, they are setting the standards for tomorrow's decision makers. Start 2023 with Lato and revolutionize the travel industry together with the millennials!