Adios paper storm, Hello Lato-summer

May 31, 2023


It’s that time of year again … The paper race to summer vacation has begun. You’re stuck in an endless stream of writing out travel summaries, generating PDF documents, collecting vouchers and stuffing envelopes, while the printer falters incessantly in the background. Recognizable? Then it’s high time for a change. 

Switch to Lato and create your travel documents in a whole new way this summer. Offer your customers all the information they need in one convenient travel app. Save time and make a lasting impression on your customers. 

  • Deliver the travel overview in a convenient travel app: through the app, your customers always have their travel documents at hand, readily available on their phones in an interactive environment with your logo and contact information. 
  • Work faster thanks to convenient features: With Lato you fill your own photo, hotel and excursion libraries. Duplicate trips, reuse elements and create new trip overviews in no time. 
  • Offer next-level customer service: Communicate easily and quickly with your customers via the integrated chat function in the app. Answer questions, give advice and excel with your personal touch. 
  • Share personal tips: Add points of interest to the map, such as attractions and restaurants, tested and approved by you. 
  • Leave a lasting positive impression: Thanks to the convenient link to the web app, customers can share their trip with family and friends who like to follow along. This is how you impress your clients and their social circle … great word-of-mouth advertising for your travel agency. 

With Lato, change the way your travel agency works: save time, provide excellent service and let your customers enjoy a seamless travel experience. Switch to Lato today and make an unforgettable impression this summer with a personalized travel app