Bet on the travel experience beforehand and sell more

Jun 15, 2023


The sales phase is one of the biggest challenges in the travel industry. A simple/awesome travel description with typical/speaking stock photos is no longer enough to convince customers of a travel proposal. The modern customer demands more. Fortunately, thanks to current technologies, we are already able to offer customers a taste of the travel experience. With such a virtual experience, you establish an emotional connection and ensure that the customer longs for the real experience of the trip and … therefore books faster. 

The importance of betting on experience was recently confirmed by Google. The company recently announced quite a few innovations, including the integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT functionalities. What particularly caught our eye is that Google is now also relying on social media content to answer user questions. Why? The visual aspect of posts on social media appeals. Photos and videos ensure that the customer gets an answer, and can “experience” it right away. 

However, you don’t have to be a technological giant to pull off this immersive revolution. At Lato, too, the experience is key. With our cutting-edge travel app, we aim to create immersive travel proposals, which in turn play an important role in the sales process. The combination of photos, inspiring videos and captivating travel stories in one digital app makes the trip come to life virtually from the proposal. The sense of curiosity and desire for the real trip also makes customers book faster. 

As a travel professional, do you also want to enhance your customers’ experience and cash in more bookings? Then you’ve come to the right place at Lato. With the visually appealing travel app, you offer excellent experience and customer service before, during and after the trip thanks to the latest technologies. Lato is the all-in-one solution that exceeds every customer expectation. Try Lato for free and find out for yourself.