Lato takes you further

Apr 15, 2024


"60% of TikTok users said they would book a trip based on the recommendations they see on the popular social medium", we learned at ITB last month. 6 out of 10 people would be willing to follow the recommendations of any fellow TikTok user and simply book a trip. All this, while we as travel professionals work so hard on travel proposals to convince customers?! Sounds crazy right? Not so, honestly...

TikTok: a goldmine of travel tips

Travel inspiration is omnipresent on TikTok, and those interested in actively seeking travel tips can find a goldmine of information. The interest lies mostly in the depth of information provided:

  • Detailed information with added value: You will not only find the best hotel, but will also find out which room is best located, which dishes from the restaurant you must definitely try, which "hidden" sights you can explore in the neighborhood... All kinds of details that you certainly won’t easily find in the average travel guide or via Google.
  • Authentic and honest: On TikTok you get to see the highs and the lows. The pros and cons of an accommodation or excursion. You get to see the beautiful views from the top, and also the tough, sweaty climb that preceded it. Naturally, this makes the information you find on there a lot more credible.
  • Informative and even educational: The content creators you find on TikTok aren’t limited to travelers giving tips. You will also find a lot of instructive information from official agencies that distribute educational content. Airlines, for example, give the floor to pilots who reassure people with a fear of flying.

A goldmine of reliable, detailed and authentic information. So that 60% of people who are easily convinced doesn't sound that crazy anymore, does it? It's high time that you, as a travel professional, start offering that same added value. Spoiler alert: this can be done very easily, with Lato.

Lato: added value in a travel app

Throw those text-based travel offers in the paper basket. From now on, travel proposals are presented in a travel app. Increase your bookings exponentially thanks to the added value and depth that Lato's travel app offers your travelers. Let’s give you 5 examples:

  1. No long-winded travel proposal, but still lots of information: add documents, weblinks or even podcasts with extra info.
  2. Let your customer travel with a handful of fun personal tips that you pin to an interactive map. (Goodbye Google Maps and information overdose.)
  3. Let customers experience the trip virtually beforehand thanks to the countless photos and videos featured in the travel app.
  4. Give the customer freedom of choice. For example: add up to 3 accommodations and let the customers compare and choose for themselves.
  5. Build a trip from your own photo selection, with images that are truthful and create the right expectations for the customer.