Revolutionary? Oh yes!

Jan 11, 2024


Do you often get travel quotes forwarded to you from a local agent? Are you tired of entering all that information manually? Or are you just short of time and looking for a solution to make that process faster? Then look no further, because with our newest feature, you've come to the right place at Lato!

Ready to discover Lato's newest feature? Hold on tight! Because this is a uniquely innovative and revolutionary feature within the travel industry. No one beat us to it!

What did Lato already excel at?

Lato is known as a user-friendly tool that saves you a lot of time. Our integrated features such as AI tools and our Lato library allow you to do twice as much work in the same amount of time. Lato offers not only a travel app, but also an itinerary builder and management software, which ensures that you can organize the entire travel process in just one tool. But what if you could create a travel proposal in just seconds? It is with great pride that we introduce the trip reader.

Why does the trip reader give that little extra?

With our trip reader you save a lot of time and have a ready-made trip offer at your disposal in no time. Let AI read a trip file (PDF, Word, txt) and import all the data. In seconds, Lato will automatically create a ready-made trip proposal for you. Moreover, through AI, our tool immediately selects the right photos for each place, accommodation or excursion. All that is left for you to do is to add any client or flight details, check the travel proposal and finally send it to the client. Revolutionary, don't you think!

Ready to create a travel quote in just seconds? Then quickly try Lato's newest feature now!