Does Lato mark the end of the pdf generation?

Jan 6, 2023


Travel professionals are loyal people: loyal to the customer, loyal to the destination, loyal to the supplier and loyal to the... pdf. Against our better judgment, we cling to our pdf loyalty, even though it threatens to neglect other partnerships. Those who still spend hours copying and pasting travel proposals will undoubtedly be passed over in the future.


Enters: Lato, the product of a unique collaboration between a handful of frustrated PDF users and software engineers. Frustrated, because there are still too many local agents, tour operators, travel organizers and travel agents who each separately prepare the same travel offer for the same customer. And on top of that, each in their own language. At Lato, we are convinced that this process can be made more efficient. By aggregating travel data from every travel professional in the chain into 1 online tool, not only will you save time maintaining your client relationships, but sending that outdated pdf back and forth is finally a thing of the past.


What if we told you that the pdf is not the end of the digital age? Although it has already eased the administrative work for the travel professional in recent years, at Lato we see the many IT possibilities and the room for improvement. And besides a conversion optimization tool for your travel offers, Lato of course remains a user-friendly and visually appealing Travel app for every user in the chain. In short, an interesting new player that marks the end of the pdf generation.