From Lead to Happy Customer

Oct 12, 2023


As we all know, the travel industry often differs greatly from other businesses. For example, with us, every customer goes home with a different product. Whether you offer customized trips or fixed packages: each travel company is different and requires specific adjustments. Moreover, if you want to actually sell a trip, your communication must also be personal and above all fast. So a system in which you can keep track of all this customer-specific information and easily follow up on the status of offers is not just a nice-to-have, but an essential must-have in the travel sector! 

For this reason, we at Lato decided to develop our own CRM system, built specifically for the niche requirements of the travel sector. This latest feature is fully in line with our main goal of enabling travel professionals to work within one single platform, in addition to also being the first step towards the development of Lato’s own ERP system for business management. 

No matter how you look at it, selling is the priority of every company. Broadly speaking, a CRM system helps you better guide the customers through the buying process and ultimately sell more. We are happy to explain how you can optimize your sales processes with Lato: 

Store and manage your customer data in one central location 

Gather all your clients’ data in Lato, so that it is available to the entire team. In this way, you can follow up on travel offers smoothly, easily respond to specific requirements and also help your colleagues’ customers just as quickly. 

Maintain your relationships with customers 

Thanks to the personal data in Lato, you can always contact the customer in a very personal way. At the end of the ride you will have more satisfied and returning customers, which will boost your sales statistics. 

In Lato’s CRM you simply start with entering the contact details of a lead and you end up with a happy customer who can mean a lot to you in the future as a returning customer, or who knows even as a brand ambassador! Sell faster and more with Lato. Test it now for free.