Improve Your Office Day

Oct 4, 2023


Today is Improve Your Office Day, a day to reflect on the way you work, and think about how you can boost your productivity. At Lato, we are constantly committed to improving the work processes of travel professionals, so we would like to take the opportunity to share our tips. 

1. Invest in technology

With Lato you create travel proposals much faster. Several AI integrations automate your daily tasks: generate transcriptions, translate content, find appropriate images and more. Work even faster by reusing ready-made travel elements from a convenient library.

2. Prioritize your strengths 

With the right tools you can focus on the tasks you are good at. Thanks to Lato, travel professionals can focus on creating content-rich itineraries, while AI features automate administrative and repetitive tasks to present the final proposal beautifully in a travel app. 

3. Collaboration becomes one big party 

Collaborating with colleagues in Lato is so intuitive and easy that working becomes a true pleasure. Inspire each other with sample trips and easily reuse elements. Moreover, the positive feedback you get from your customers who receive the Lato travel app will give you a boost anyway!

In short, with Lato you completely change the way you work as a travel professional: you save time, focus on your own strengths and discover the benefits of collaboration. Improve YOUR office and start using Lato today!