Invest in the future and overcome difficult times

Jan 4, 2023


Hard times await us. Between high energy prices, rising inflation and wage indexations, our financial worries have gone way up. We are facing rising costs more than ever, and yet we recommend that you invest right now … 

Invest, because that brings on

Getting rising costs under control also means reviewing your strategies for the coming months and even years. Don’t just think about cutting costs, but more importantly making the right choices. Choose more revenue and invest in IT … as soon as possible. 

It makes no sense to wait for better times and lower costs. Instead, fight those high bills with a meaningful investment that increases your employees’ productivity in the short term. 

Optimize your processes

International research previously confirmed that technological acceleration is coming, especially in the area of process optimization. So prepare for the future by investing now in technology that optimizes your business operations. 

First, map out your business operations. Find out what processes your employees go through, and where there is room for optimization. Then you can look at what tools fit those needs. 

Make time for change, with the right people

Give a few guinea pigs a chance to get started with the new tools. Make a conscious choice for “early adopters” who are open to innovation. In time, they will also convince other colleagues of the new, optimized way of working and thus lift company productivity to a higher level. 

Travel professionals, Lato is definitely an answer

Invest in Lato and increase not only your productivity, but also your customer satisfaction and therefore, in the long run, your revenues.

In the travel industry, partners work together all the time, but in different systems, which creates a lot of duplication of effort. Lato is a tool in which travel professionals collaborate from the design of the travel quote, to the sales and final experience of the trip in the travel app. Moreover, the tool contains a library with travel elements, samples and sample trips that you can constantly reuse. So you create travel proposals much faster, and you can present them to your customers in a visually attractive way. The final trip is then guaranteed to go very smoothly, because the customer has all the practical information in his or her pocket in the travel app.


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