Lato tips: World Usability Day

Nov 9, 2023


What is at least as much fun as traveling? The prospect of a trip! Planning should be an exciting and inspiring experience, even when you leave organizing your dream trip to professionals. These days, the travel agent's job is not only to bombard clients with technical formalities, but also to get them as excited as possible for their departure. Not an easy task, but with Lato this becomes almost effortless. Because in addition to a quotation tool and a trip planner, Lato also acts as the ideal dream booster. Using podcasts, videos and photos and personal points of interest, you boost usability and bring a travel proposal to life in no time.

Podcasts: Travel stories brought to life

Adding podcasts makes planning a trip not only easier, but more fun. Whether it's an exciting adventure in the jungle or a relaxing beach vacation, podcasts take listeners into a story. Inspire travelers with existing podcasts or just record one yourself, we're happy to leave the creative interpretation up to you.

Photos & Videos: A visual preview

Images say more than words, cliché but 100% true. You can describe an experience so beautifully, but powerful visualizations will convince someone faster. Not only that: the integration of photos and videos in Lato give travelers a virtual tour of various destinations. This gives them a taste of what awaits them and the excitement about their future trip can begin.

Travel documents: Plan like a pro

To make the planning process as smooth as possible, Lato also has the ability to add and manage travel documents, such as flight schedules, hotel reservations and insurance, gathered in one convenient location. With this, save your clients time and stress both during and before travel.

Points of interest: A personalized travel guide

Leave the fun preparation work to your clients with the help of your handy tips & tricks. Whether it's a must try restaurant, a hidden waterfall or a trendy rooftop bar, with Lato's integrated Points of Interest library, you'll give your travelers a personalized travel guide for the road.

Start using Lato today and boost your usability!