A love story

Feb 16, 2024


Happy Valentine's Day! As we celebrate all kinds of love today, we want to zoom in on the love story between travel professionals and Lato. A love story between people and technology ... sounds peculiar, doesn't it! Then read on quickly and find out why Lato is the beloved right-hand man at work for many travel professionals!

Why they love Lato?

- Lato thinks with me and supports me (Jessie - travel expert).
- Creating and following up on quotes for my clients only takes half the time (Indira - travel expert).
- This is a handy, fast tool to create great quotes (Nathalie - travel expert).
- Great system. Very easy to use (Travel Meyers).

What they like about Lato

- AI Tools: No inspiration to write a nice text about an accommodation or activity? Don't worry! Ask AI for help and get a creative and original text in no time!
- PDF import: Want to create a travel proposal even faster? Then use Lato's PDF reader! Import traditional document-based travel proposals and let AI turn them into attractive travel apps in just 45 seconds. Creating a travel proposal has never been faster!
- Library: Store accommodations, activities, text fields and images in your own Lato library and easily reuse them when creating a new travel proposal.
- Translation feature: Do you often have bilingual or multilingual clients? No problem! Create the travel proposal in your own language and then easily have it translated into the desired language by DeepL.

Lato loves you

At Lato, we truly want the best for every travel professional, which is why we want to give YOU the chance to test Lato for free and/or learn more during a personal demo!