Stop with cut, copy & paste... Don't let your time go to waste!

Jan 19, 2023


Just do the test: as a travel professional, the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V buttons on your keyboard are undoubtedly completely worn out from frequent use. Copying travel proposals, cutting and pasting text into a template with your logo on it, we all know how it goes. Unfortunately, most travel professionals don't yet realize how much time they are losing with this, because so far there is no alternative method. So imagine what an integrated quotation tool, where everyone works together, will mean for the travel industry.

1 digital platform

Enter: Lato, a digital platform in which all travel data is collected in a user-friendly and visually appealing display. From the local agent to the travel agent, you upload and edit every travel proposal in Lato without any copy and paste. Customer and realtime flight data, accommodations, excursions and vouchers are also added to the personalized travel proposal in no-time.

Lato library

And that's not all. All travel data created by yourself or your suppliers are stored in the Lato library, a structured database from which you can draw endless travel inspiration. In a minimum of time you can retrieve, modify and fine-tune offers, including the travel order. Again: without any copy and paste.

Travel translation

We make it our mission never to copy-paste again. Not even to translate foreign-language travel proposals. Because at Lato, we have an integrated translation tool for that. Revolutionary, right?