Say it with images

Nov 16, 2023


Don't you agree that travel quotes are often very boring? You get them forwarded to you in a Word or PDF file, with only text and no pictures. Doesn't exactly make you want to pack your bags now, does it? Thankfully, with Lato's image library, that's a thing of the past. Nothing like being able to pimp your travel proposals with attractive photos to get your clients excited about their unforgettable trip!

Lato's library

Lato allows you to create your own library. Here you can not only store excursions, accommodations and text fields, but also create your own image library. This allows you to tailor an entire trip to the customer's needs and already give them a first impression through telling photos.

Add fun photos

Lato allows you to save photos in the library as well as during the creation of the trip itself. Have a little time and want to do preliminary work for your next travel quotes? Open Lato's library and start adding new photos to use on subsequent trips. Still not that much time, but want to use nice photos in your travel quote? Then add the photos directly while creating your trip. Moreover, Lato suggests photos if you don't have any yourself of a particular destination, excursion or accommodation. Another fun fact: through its AI system, Lato always chooses the correct framing of each photo/video.

Sort photos by location

Save your pictures in the library by location. This way, Lato automatically suggests the right photo in the right place.

Make your customers go on a trip right away with Lato's attractive and interactive travel proposals!