The intelligence of the artificial

Nov 23, 2023


As enthusiastic as it was at the emergence of ChatGPT early this year, the travel industry's interest in artificial intelligence has, unfortunately, waned quite a bit. It's a shame, because many travel professionals simply can't quite grasp AI, and may even be a little afraid of it. According to Jan Peeters, author of TravMagazine, AI would actually give the travel industry an edge, especially when it comes to planning and customizing a trip. But as with the bulk of technological evolutions, artificial intelligence raises more questions than answers for now. How do you work with AI? How do you formulate assignments in ChatGPT? How do you get the desired results from it? We get it, you barely know what AI entails so you have absolutely no idea where or how to start. Fortunately, we do, and we're happy to help.

Lato & AI

With Lato, working with AI becomes simple: our tool does it for you. We keep up-to-date with the latest technological developments and integrate them into Lato. You can work with a ready-to-use, user-friendly tool. We automate processes, making it easier than ever for you to create and track travel proposals. Just think of tools that help write and improve content or tools that ensure proper framing of photos. And that's not all. Soon Lato will be able to automatically read PDFs, which will also automatically populate data in the right place. You won't say no to that, will you?

Give me an A (the A in AI)

The revolutionary thing about ChatGPT is that the generative AI behind it transcends the fixed rules and patterns of traditional AI by generating completely new data that rivals human responses.

So today, numerous travel companies are already implementing that generative AI in the form of chatbots and virtual assistants that help you book a hotel or flight.

The travel industry is currently focusing mainly on automating and speeding up processes in order to replace humans with “robots” and reduce costs. To do this, we are currently mostly using the artificial side of AI, while intelligence is being pushed away.

Time for intelligence

No chatbots at Lato. With Lato, as a travel agent, you maintain personal contact with your customer, while AI supports you in your daily tasks. Lato automates your tasks, so you can focus on adding value for your customers.

This gives you extra time to make the artificial output in Lato even stronger with your personal (and intelligent) touch. Because it is wrong to think that AI will completely take over your work. Rather, AI will cause your job to change, shifting your human focus from “creation” to “personalization” and “service”.

The goal is never for AI to completely take over. The goal is just to give you as a travel agent even more time to focus on the human aspect and provide excellent service. AI can be a big help in that though by collecting data and making suggestions.

Nobody knows what the future will bring in our constantly evolving travel industry. The only certainty we have is that staying up-to-date and surfing the waves of technological developments is essential, as Jan Peeters also clearly points out: “It is therefore essential for the travel sector to be the first to have the best and latest technology at its disposal, in order to be able to make quotes faster, to be able to design itineraries in a matter of seconds and to be able to intervene and communicate immediately with clients in crisis situations.” It all seems like a lot at once, but with Lato, your future as a travel professional is self-evident.


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