The robot travel professional is born

Apr 17, 2023


Expedia just launched a chatbot that works with ChatGPT to help travelers plan and book a trip: the robot travel professional is born. Not great news for us human beings, would you think? At Lato, we prefer to look at such technological evolutions positively. In fact, we were already ahead of Expedia … 

What if we told you that Lato integrated ChatGPT some time ago, and so you, as a travel professional, can just use that robot as an assistant? 

Copying and translating travel quotes, finding, saving and adding images, describing hotels and activities … These repetitive and administrative tasks take up hours of your time every day. With Lato, you get a virtual pair of hands that perform these tasks for you in no time. In that way, you can spend those hours of valuable time doing what really matters: creating human added value. 

Your personal travel advice will win out over a robot anyway, but while you are now slaving over one travel proposal, that robot already has countless ready-made ones. So it’s high time to shift up a gear yourself, with the help of Lato. Not only will you work much faster, you will also have extra time to add a personal touch and to build a relationship with your customer. Focus on your human qualities, because in the end, quality wins over quantity. 

So leave the “dirty” work to those robots and use your extra time to add value as a human being. Pamper your customers with excellent service, thanks to Lato.