Travel trends of 2024

Jan 5, 2024


A new year means new travel and therefore new travel trends. 2024 will be the year when the tourism industry will boom all over again. But in addition, 2024 will be the year of digitalization even more than ever. And let's be especially happy about this! Because the growing tourism industry inherently also means more work for the travel professional. Digitalization and online tools fortunately reduce mountains of work to the bare minimum. From young to old, everyone will go with the flow of digitalization. Let's take a look at the travel trends of 2024:

Personal & digital

Digitalization in the travel industry is and will be unimaginable. At a time when almost everything is going digital, the travel industry cannot be left behind and we are seeing a big switch from manual and paper to digital. This process goes hand in hand with personalization. With the increasing demand for personalized travel proposals, travel agents will have to become more responsive to the interests and desires of customers. To this end, Lato is the appropriate tool to work completely tailored to the customer. It allows you to make personalized and digital travel proposals. And that will pay off immediately: your conversion rates will skyrocket!

Sustainable, more sustainable, most sustainable

With climate change and the negative effects of tourism, there is increasing demand for sustainable alternatives, such as train travel gaining popularity. Of course, traveling "differently" is not the only way to make the travel industry more sustainable. Using a travel app like Lato and switching completely to a digital environment avoids excessive paper consumption. More ecological and sustainable? Yes, you've come to the right place for that too with Lato.

New travel formulas

2024 will also be the year when new travel formulas will emerge. Coupling a private trip with a business trip, solo travel ... you name it! Nothing is as easy as completely mapping out your trip in a digital app. This way, you always leave prepared and have all information quickly to hand.

The travel trends of 2024 show that Travel Software like Lato will become indispensable. Start the new year with a good intention and digitize with Lato!