With Lato, you are legally okay!

Dec 14, 2023


“✅ I have read and agree to the terms and conditions". Do you often check those too without actually reading anything? Oops ... so do we, and yet those terms and conditions are very important. Especially for you as a travel professional. We explain it to you.

Terms & Conditions in Lato

Travelers must physically sign the terms and conditions for them to be legally valid. We know from experience that trips are often confirmed via email, and so you don't actually have proof that the terms and conditions have actually been read ... Lato is changing that!

In Lato, travel conditions are always carrier for the confirmation of a trip. No booking without confirmation that the traveler has "read and accepted" the terms and conditions. This way, you as a travel professional are in a strong position and can invoke the terms and conditions at any time.

Why are general terms and conditions so important?

You probably also know that travel terms are basically not mandatory. So why are they recommended?

  • General terms and conditions bring clarity about the rights and obligations for you and your client. No discussion can arise in case of cancellation or other problems.
  • If you do not have general terms and conditions, normal legislation is applied to your travel offers. This legislation is not always clear or sometimes misses important information for your specific company.

Legally okay with Lato? Read, tested and approved! It only takes one click of your time and you save yourself a lot of time and effort in case of problems! 😉